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Lovers of decoration, good taste, those little details that will make a room look like another.

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The team at Nice Home Barcelona is made up of lovers of decoration, good taste, those little details that will make a room look like another, that piece of furniture that is no longer in use, which with a simple stripping or patina is charming. At Nice Home Barcelona we will make your house warm and “enveloping” from the first minute.

Our mission

We are a team with a lot of experience, but still, we are still eager to meet new challenges and challenges to give our full potential.

Dara Díaz

After more than 10 years dedicated to Marketing and importing products from China, India or Turkey, she decided to turn around and focus on what had always been her passion: interior design and property management. After several projects on the table, he realizes the need in the market to use Home Staging techniques to boost the real estate market, that’s when he decided to specialize in Interior Decoration and Home Staging.

Active, enterprising, always thinking of new ideas and with an enormous facility to visualize spaces. It is able to see the potential and take advantage of any space with budgets adapted to all clients.

She will make your home fall in love from the first minute.

Founder & Designer

Andrea Solanilla Roa

After finishing her studies, she began her professional career in an architecture and engineering firm, after several years she decided to specialize in Interior Design, her great passion, completing a Master’s Degree in Interior Design for Hotels, Bars and Restaurants at the Elisava School of Design.

Passionate about her work, she enjoys each of the projects that are carried out.

Architect & Interior Designer

Judit Molins

Graduated in Design and Art at the EINA University Center in Barcelona.

Judit is an enthusiastic, restless person, with a great sensitivity to the environment and people. At all times it seeks to project unique spaces to create sensations and cozy atmospheres. Create useful and efficient designs.

Interior Designer

Alejandra Padilla

Graduated in Interior Design at ESDi – Ramon Llull University of Barcelona.

With years of experience in the residential sector, Alejandra is a multifaceted person focused on finding the balance between functionality and aesthetics, taking care of every detail in the projects.

Prioritizing the client’s needs, looking for the best options to be able to meet their expectations and adapting to all possible situations.

Interior Designer
100+ Happy Clients

100+ Happy Clients

All our clients have finished as happy as we have!



Throughout our career we have received several recognitions for our work.

10 years of experience

10 years of experience

We cannot say what is the ingredient of our success, we simply do everything with the maximum affection and care possible.