Home Staging

What is Home Staging?

Basically it is about adapting your home to cause the greatest visual impact to the people who are looking for a flat at that time, adding value and making it the most attractive in your area.

Is it only for sale? “No”, it has the same beneficial effect both for sale and for rent, contact us and we will explain it to you!

Nice Essential

Reorganization and staging of the house with the current furniture creating an attractive, clear and neutral environment.

We also advise on the purchase of some decorative accessories that will improve the image of the property.

Once finished, we will carry out the professional photographic report.

Nice Redesign

After completing the previous steps, we take care of giving a major change to your home with the least possible cost: painting, improvement of facilities, change of floor, etc.

We also propose the change of certain furniture and decorative accessories with prices adapted to the budget of each client. We make the purchase of the same, upon customer acceptance, we transport them to the home and carry out the staging.

Making professional photographic report.

Professional photographic report

We carry out a professional photographic report that will allow you to show the best image of your house to potential buyers or tenants.

It is a key marketing tool to stand out from the many houses that compete with yours. Sending these images to the real estate agents, hanging them on the internet portals or having them on hand on your smartphone or tablet, will help you sell or rent your property in the shortest time and with the best conditions.