Atico Gavá

In this small penthouse of only 45m2 but with a wonderful 25m2 terrace, it had to be completely renovated to take advantage of every m2 it has, so we carried out a comprehensive reform, a complete Interior Design, Deco and styling project.

We focus on making a complete reform but without almost changing the main distribution, which if we completely open the kitchen to the living room and thus be able to grow the kitchen and visually expand the entire space.

As we do not have options to change the distribution in terms of partitions, we focus on making the most of tones, materials and coatings … a light stone was chosen for the wall, all the carpentry in white and the floor in precious natural oak .

We wanted to give the bathroom a special touch, combining two types of ceramic and color for the walls to create a visual effect of greater depth.

In the bedroom we designed a custom piece of furniture to be able to have a double bed and a complete storage area and take advantage of every cm of the little space we had.

For the furniture and decoration, light but charming furniture, we designed the round chestnut wood table of only one meter but extendable.

We conditioned the wonderful terrace to enjoy it to the fullest and so that it was an extension to gain m2 of housing.

The touch of color we put in the textiles, the greens and pinks fit wonderfully and help create a warm, fresh and romantic atmosphere! Just what our client wanted!