Masía Tamariu

In this beautiful farmhouse, a partial reform of the interior and exterior, decoration and styling has been carried out.

For this exciting project, the owners, a young couple from outside Spain, contacted us to do a facelift, they did not want major works but a complete restyling since they did not like the current finishes. When we visited the farmhouse we saw that the house not only needed a new look, but also a complete reform at least partially, since the house is very large, and we focused on the most important, so we presented to the client what we saw from the first moment and the project fell in love with the client so much that we got down to work immediately!

In general, the house was very well preserved, but the colors, the finishes, took away from the charm that this house could transmit.

The first thing we did was open spaces and design a large open kitchen with an island and connected to the living room, all the walls were smoothed and all the false and very burdensome moldings were eliminated that did not go at all with the Mediterranean style that we wanted to create, we modified a large part of the electrical installation, we touched up the fireplace by smoothing it and removing the fake stone to make it look cleaner and more modern.

In the main room we designed all the closets and a dream bathroom, with a shower and a free-standing bathtub that is spectacular!

We use very natural finishes, such as in the kitchen and bathroom that we designed on site and covered with a material very similar to microcement, highly durable and that gave the appearance of continuity and very natural.

The wooden furniture that we designed was all made to measure by a cabinetmaker from the area who makes it with natural and recycled wood and that gives it a country look, very Mediterranean and above all unique!

We emphasize that we managed to preserve most of the original details of the house, such as all the wooden beams and the exterior woodwork.

Mediterranean-style pieces were chosen for the furniture. Wood and natural fibers for the lamps were the base materials. For the textiles we chose linen curtains, cushions and bedding in natural materials, such as cottons and linens that we love.

Now it is a real dream!