Pelayo 50 Barcelona

When this 55m2 house came into our hands, it was an old office, and we quickly saw its potential, located next to the famous Ramblas and Plaza Cataluña and with large windows it was a jewel in the rough!

We immediately got down to work and redistributed all the spaces to convert it into a modern two-bedroom, two-bathroom home, with a kitchen open to the living room and dining room to take advantage of the light and maximize the spaces. We furnish and decorate it down to the last detail.

Being a rental-oriented home, we chose very neutral colors and materials, but giving it character and style when choosing the flooring for both the kitchen and the bathrooms.

For the furniture woods, metals and fiber details, which add style and warmth. For textiles, linen and cotton in harmonious and elegant tones.

The incredible result completely fell in love with the owners !!!