Piso Diputación

The first time we visited this large 250m2 house, it was terrifying to visit it, it was demolished, it was very dark and with a large corridor that communicated with numerous closed and unlit rooms !!

As soon as we studied it and redistributed the spaces, we saw the wonderful potential it had and the miracle was about to be fulfilled. Due to the large m2 that we had, it was decided to transform the large dark apartment into two fantastic apartments full of light. We got down to business and “Voila” in 6 months we had it finished. We decided to keep the original woodwork, stripping it, we also kept the original hydraulic floors restoring them and the wonderful ceilings of more than 3 meters with the original period moldings as well.

For decoration, practical and few stylish furniture. Natural textiles with some pops of color in the accessories.