Poble Nou

This original holiday apartment located in one of the most fashionable neighborhoods in Barcelona Poble Nou and 10 minutes walk from the beach fell into our hands, the main objective was to make the most of the 50m2 available, gain light and create a CHIC style, which will make future clients fall in love both for sale and for rent.

We started up and began to develop the project, we encountered some difficulties such as the difficult distribution of the dining room, the situation of the sofa and the TV cabinet or the m2 of the kitchen area that did not give to make a dining area Very wide but we resolved with a round table of 115mt in diameter that does not hinder the passage and where 4 people can eat perfectly. The design chairs wishbone style gives a touch of style and design to the kitchen.

Also the sofa and TV area was a bit strange to distribute, the sofa was right in the middle, but we chose a light and very Nordic model that fit perfectly.

Strategically placed on the front wall as a window, the black metal paneled mirror visually expands the space and reflects light.

White linen curtains, light, natural and with drop that let the light pass but give intimacy.

In the bathroom, we take the opportunity to put a light closet to place the towels and gain storage and baskets that are always useful.

The ceilings and floors of the house greatly marked the shades to use in the house.

In the bedroom we could not put a head because we were limited by some marked measures and we solved it with a head of natural linen as a Head that we fell in love with, we accompanied with some old black type sconces, which gave a super original touch.